Rosebays x Trend Raider

Hello again from us! Today we want to talk to you about a cool and fun way to get to know new products, Trend Raider subscription boxes!

We had the chance to get this month’s TrendRaider Box (the one of May).


Trendraider- Maibox


About Trend Raider and their boxes:

  • Trend boxes, containing at least 7 products out of the following categories: food, fashion, wellness, design
  • the products are worth approx. 70€
  • everything inside of the box is produced sustainably
  • from time to time some of the products are unique
  •  mostly regional products


All products which are in this amazing Mai-Box

But hey, you want to know more about the individual products, right? Lets dive in!

Here is what we found inside of the current box:

(1) Chocolate with rice syrup (girly style)(2) Date-Choc spread (with cacao nibs – yuuuummmy!)

(2) Date-chocolate-cream with cacao nibs

(3) Sparkling tea with curcuma (Carpe Diem)

(4) An organic cotton towel for your dishes (love written on it ❤️ )

—-Love is in the air—-

(5) organic glide (without any additives)

(6) Facial cream – fair, organic and vegan

(7) bracelet (fabric, with magnet closing)

(8) Semicolon foto booklet – a small one – perfect for some beautiful memories

(9) cognac bathing sponge – 100% plant based

(10) Impulses for living in a relationship (booklet)….

(11) Card with quotes (love quotes 💕 💝)

—>So beautiful!



We really enjoyed unpacking these products, because these are so different categories and in fact- unique.

We are so looking forward to try all of ‚em!

As many of you might have noticed, subscription boxes, be it food/ lifestyle boxes, or many other types of these have become quite common. They are a great way to get to know amazing new products, some of them you might find attractive and useful, some of them you might not like, but hey…. Thats what the boxes are for. Another upside: The price is great too, you do not invest your money in big packages, and end up throwing them away because of disliking them.


Our Recommendation -> Definitely worth trying!!

Just click the logo below to get to the website of TrendRaider, and to find out more 🙂


Trend Raider Boxes


Thank you @ Trendraider, who made us this beautiful surprise!!!!


xoxo rosebays!


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