French Yeast Cake

Hey everyone…. we are working on this recipe of a French yeast cake with vanilla cream inside. It is a classic, and we are going to share the recipe with you here soon 🙂


Art | SmoothieBowls

Good morning everyone! This post is to celebrate the creator of smoothie bowls (whoever it was who created ‚em). We say, smoothie bowls are the perfect way to get creative in the morning, to celebrate the start of a new day, a day full of new chances, full of new doors that wait for you… Read More Art | SmoothieBowls


Cashew Spread

Ever wondered how to spice up your breakfast table? Heres a quick, simple and very delicious (vegan) recipe of a cashew-spread: Important information – this is not a raw cashew spread (the nuts were roasted, if you prefer it raw – invest some more time, as the temperature may never get too high) What you… Read More Cashew Spread


Rosebays x Trend Raider

Hello again from us! Today we want to talk to you about a cool and fun way to get to know new products, Trend Raider subscription boxes! We had the chance to get this month’s TrendRaider Box (the one of May).     About Trend Raider and their boxes: Trend boxes, containing at least 7… Read More Rosebays x Trend Raider


Frooggies | Fruit powder

This week we received a parcel from Frooggies with fruit powder. For us, smoothie-bowl-lovers, this product is the perfect fit 🙂 We are really happy to collaborate with Frooggies!! If you are interested in the company and its products…. continue reading below!


Baked Veggies

  Does this ever happen to you? You have your house full of different vegetables, somehow you don’t want to mix them, or don’t think they go well together? Maybe you even run the risk of not preparing them at all…. -.- Heres a quick way to prevent you and your veggies from getting bored… Read More Baked Veggies



Summer, BBQ’s…. What to have for dessert? Here’s a quick recipe for summer days, easy to prepare in advance ….. and incredibly delicious! 125 g of curd 70-80 g of white chocolate Salt 1 teaspoon vanilla sugar 40-50 g of cream   Step 1 – melt your white chocolate Step 2 – combine cream and… Read More WhiteChoc|Dessert