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Good morning! Today we want to dedicate one blogpost to our beloved Matcha! Not only does it have a great color, and rich taste but also many supposed, and also a lot of proven benefits to your health:

  •  One Matcha has much more antioxidants than a cup of brewed, regular green tea 🍵 (as much as 10x the number of antioxidants)!
  • ->(recall: antioxidants „are chemical compounds that prevent aging and chronic diseases“ … cp. for more detailed information)
  • almost no calories – ideal beverage for your weight-loss program
  • energy booster
  • great way to detox
  • lets you stay focussed, yet you are not going to be overly active (often associated with caffeine)

We really recommend the website … it gives such a nice intro to Matcha and what it can do for you 🙂

In our picture above we prepared a small latte, using the Nespresso Aerocchino. Of course, we have a bamboo whisk for the traditional method of brewing matcha, but sometimes in the morning it just needs to go fast. (who doesn’t know about that)! So, sometimes there is just not the time for a tea ceremony…

What we basically do:

(1) Fill milk in the milk frother

(2) Start the frothing process

(3) add the matcha, sometimes when really no time -> only as it is – no further steps

(3.1) if there is more time, we use the bamboo whisk, 80° C hot water, and sift it through a strainer first

(4) wait for the frother to finish, and thats it 🙂

Which matcha do we use:


 .> this one here is perfect for our purpose – it is not a ceremonial grade green tea, but to be honest …. for a a latte version of it, we do not want to „waste“ ceremonial grade matcha. This one has a rich taste, is Japanese matcha (original), and still does not come anywhere near from the area of Fukushima.

Leave us your comments below, and tell us about your morning routine…. Did you try it before? Are you rather the tea, or coffee type:)?


xoxo rosebays!



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