Maruyasu Sushi | Düsseldorf 🍣

Hey there 🙂 Hope you all have a great Sunday. Since we worked yesterday, and had not too much enthusiasm or time to prepare some dinner, we decided to get some Sushi from @Maruyasu Sushi in the department store Galeria Kaufhof – Düsseldorf Königsallee.

Many of you might know Maruyasu because of their „supermarket“ specialized on chinese/japanese products, but in the lower floor of Kaufhof, you can also find one of their restaurants. Its ideal to go their and get some take away food. Of course, there are also places to sit and to have dinner over there, but we were just happy to get home, and get some food on our way home – to eat on our balcony!

The staff at Maruyasu are just great 🙂 We love to go there, always so friendly, lovely people, and we just love their sushi 🙂


Should you ever not know what to eat, and if you are a sushi fan, stop by! They also have a great variety of veggie-sushi rolls – and not just the basic ones everybody knows. But also with seasonal vegetables (asparagus, etc.) ….


xoxo rosebays!


Sushi from @Maruyasu Düsseldorf Galeria Kaufhof

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