Kitchen Appliances Rosebays | a brief Introduction and comparison

Some people asked us with which appliances we work in the kitchen. So,we quickly want to tell you which both appliances help us most in our daily life. Briefly, as it should be more interesting to see which kind of questions come up from your side. Some of you might be more interested in general aspects, some of you maybe have very specific questions!

In many of our posts you can read about us using the Vorwerk Thermomix. In fact, the Thermomix is such a cool kitchen appliance, and helps you in many situations! But, winner of the heart when working on cakes and doughs (in general) is the Kitchenaid mixer, it is a classic! Working with it feels sooooo different from working with the Thermomix. You can see the dough in the making. You can view the process its making…. In addition, you can stop it whenever you feel like the dough is ready! For us, that is why we tend to use the Kitchenaid mixer more often when it comes to baking.

At the same time, the Thermomix is our choice for cooking, whenever it needs to be fast, and whenever we want to eat healthy, and creative, but might not have the time to do it all manually. If you asked us whether to buy one or the other, that would be a quite hard decision. Maybe thats the reason why we have both of them 😛 …. Both have their advantages, you should decide on the grounds of:

(1) you being the creative baking person (you love cakes, pastry,…. )

(2) you being the cooking kind of person (you prefer a nice dinner, over pastry and cakes)

Thats a very straightforward, and maybe overly generalized distinction, buuuut it might help 🙂

Are you interested in a more in-depth review? Do you have any questions, concerning attachments, concerning the way it works?

Just let us know in the comments below!!

If you want to know more about the prices and accessories of the Kitchenaid, just click on the mixer below 😉


In case of the Vorwerk Thermomix it is a little more difficult, as Vorwerk has a very special distribution system. On our website we have a special site for this appliance:

Thermomix – Prices, where to buy ……?



xoxo rosebays!

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