Homemade Ice Cream | Thermomix 🍦 🍨

Hey! We just wanted to say hi for today 🙂 Are you also the dessert kind of person? We definitely both are, a desert just is the perfect way to round up some good, decent food. In our case, we had some ice cream. And most of the manufactured ones just do not taste very good, and also not very healthy – but hey…. That is not something you would expect from a desert usually 🙂

So what do we have for dessert? Since the Thermomix is in our house, our fridge is always stocked with a great amount of frozen berries, and other frozen fruits. 🍉 🍌 🍓  You just add some brown sugar, or sweetener of your choice ( we also like to sweet our desserts with dates).

1- Put sugar in your mixing bowl (every other mixer should do as well)

2- pulverize your sugar

3- add frozen berries or other fruits

4- chop for approx. 20-30 sec.

5- add cream, milk, almond milk

6- we like to add some cashes mousse or similar

7- mix for another 20 sec.


Enjoy your fresh ice cream! This dessert tastes sooo good, is healthy, and you just know whats inside :))

-> We served the ice cream in our new coconut bowls from Heartmade …. don’t they look amazing?

xoxo Rosebays!

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