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Hey everyone! We just received our 1st @Foodist box and are happy to share our impression with you.

Currently you have the choice between xx different boxes.

1: Gourmet Box

2: Healthy Box

3: Vegan Box

As for us, we chose the healthy box. In the following we are going to share some details with you. First of all, for all of you who don’t know what Foodist does, a short intro of the company and what they do.

After that we are going to share the contents of this week’s healthy box with you 🙂

Foodist as company:

  • Offers boxes containing delicacies from all around Europe
  • Follow-up the latest food trends
  • You can order different kinds of boxes (see above) and order them monthly or on a different basis, just as you wish
  • If you really like whats inside, you have the option to order those products in their online shop, after you tried them

-> So its a great way to try things you were not as likely to try without the boxes, and if you like what you tried, just order THIS special product!

What you’ll find inside of the box, besides the products?

A Magazine containing useful tips, background knowledge and delicious recipes that are tailored to your ingredients! A great concept!

For more information visit or just write us via the contact form!


Here is what you’ll find inside of this week’s Foodist Healthy Box:

xoxo Rosebay’s

2 thoughts on “FoodistBox

    1. thats so true, sometimes we feel a little lost in the jungle of boxes that you can order 🙂 But they are so perfect to get to know new products, you might never have stumbled across otherwise 🙂 xoxo

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