Smoothie Bowls as a way of Desensitization?

Good morning! Today, we not only want to share a delicious smoothie bowl with you, but also we want to talk about allergies and Desensitization! Maybe your morning breakfast routine could help you get rid of your allergies 🙂

In the past many people had allergies too, but the possibility of detecting and specifying those allergies was kind of rare and very difficult. Today many people know about their allergies, and try to adapt their lives accordingly. We from rosebays, are both allergic to pollen – just now (summertime) for us demonstrates kind of the hardest season of the year. On the one hand, we definitely want to go out, have fun, enjoy late summer nights, but at the same time there is always this one thought: should I really go out, there is so many pollen flying around … -.- To some people that might sound crazy, but when you are not just a bit allergic, but really really heavily, you think twice!  So, in an online article we read about blossom pollen and their health benefits. Many of them aren’t scientifically proven, but hey…. sometimes you need to trust your feelings 🙂

Well, its not a secret. Desensitization works with the allergens themselves. Of course, its quite a complex matter, and its not the same dose as you might expect in your surroundings….But still, making use of those little blossom pollen in your daily life might help you with your allergy. So, we decided to top our smoothie bowls with those pollen on a daily basis. Over the next weeks we are going to keep you up to date, and tell you about our experience! The first day we used the pollen was already kind of a challenge -.- We went to a Spa with a big outside area, well I don’t know whether it was all those pollen flying around over there, or the blossom pollen on our brekky, oooor maybe the combination of both. But, for this season, it already was one of those days with a loot of allergy 🙁

Are you interested in trying the pollen yourself? We bought Spanish Pollen from Koro Drogerie -> use the Code ROSE5 to get 5% off 🙂 🌹

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xoxo rosebays!

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