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Coffee Caramel Topping w/ Nespresso Dharkan

See our latest recipe in the video below – it is aĀ Coffe Caramel Topping:

As much…. this topping is so universal, sweet, but at the same time has such a rich flavor to it šŸ™‚ Comments are always welcome!

As a Grand Cru we chose the Nespresso Dharkan, it is almost the strongest variety of coffee Nespresso has in its permanent offer ( Intensity 11), and it really matches the caramel perfectly! This recipe demonstrates that ingredients and products we use daily can also be used for new, delicious recipes. Nespresso has a premium taste coffee, and not only offers premium coffee but at the same time a huge variety of different Grand Crus. This makes it super easy to find the adequate coffee for your recipe. In our case a strong one, which rich taste, others might go for a decaf coffee variety or something with extra caramel flavor, such as the Caramelito (one of the Variations of Nespresso).


So,a special thanks to Nespresso for offering such a great variety of coffee in such premium quality!

In one of their pdfs we found this amazing recipe šŸ˜‰ xoxo

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