Coconut Bowls

Good morning everyone 🙂

Yesterday, finally our coconut bowls from @heartmadebeauty arrived! We’ve been waiting a while, as they made quite some journey. And it was worth waiting….. They are absolutely beautiful, and perfect because of their imperfections! You can see they are handmade, with a lot of love, and they are so different in shape. In the future you can expect some beautiful smoothie bowls, buddha bowls, and many other cool stuff served in these amazing new pieces 🙂

Maybe you’ve been thinking a while about whether or not to buy them? It is soooo worth it…. Pay them a visit @ ! We decided to buy these here, and not the ones on the more straightforward coconut bowls website, as these here looked so individual, and somehow not already as commercialized. The people from have a really great variety of bowls to offer. Endless choices in sizes, shapes, decoration and also if you want to go for an entire set. Fair shipping costs, and lovely contact 🙂 !!!!!

Enjoy your day!


xoxo rosebays!


Coconut Bowls
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