Coconut Bowls

Good morning everyone 🙂 Yesterday, finally our coconut bowls from @heartmadebeauty arrived! We’ve been waiting a while, as they made quite some journey. And it was worth waiting….. They are absolutely beautiful, and perfect because of their imperfections! You can see they are handmade, with a lot of love, and they are so different in… Read More Coconut Bowls


MelonBowl | Froogies

Good morning! Today we want ti share our MelonBowl 🍉 with you. We kind of enjoy having a smoothie bowling in the morning, and as we wanted to something differently today – we just thought about eating it out of a melon 🙂 For the smoothie itself we used @frooggies fruit powder and added coconut milk… Read More MelonBowl | Froogies


Art | SmoothieBowls

Good morning everyone! This post is to celebrate the creator of smoothie bowls (whoever it was who created ‚em). We say, smoothie bowls are the perfect way to get creative in the morning, to celebrate the start of a new day, a day full of new chances, full of new doors that wait for you… Read More Art | SmoothieBowls

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Daluma | Berlin

Hey there!   Early this morning we arrived in Berlin for our incentive weekend. It’s a trip we won (@ work) with flights, 5* hotel and entry to the Berlinale – the annual film festival in the capital. As, starting from tomorrow, we gonna have brekky at the hotel… We thought today is THE opportunity to… Read More Daluma | Berlin

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Mini Smoothie Bowls

Good morning on this cold, winterly Sunday 🙂 Today we made some French Toast, and we thought a fresh smoothie bowl would be the perfect addition to go with. The larger bowls often are already enough, without any additional brekky items, so today we made some mini bowls in our Tokyo Design porcelain. Recipes are,… Read More Mini Smoothie Bowls