Cashew Spread

Ever wondered how to spice up your breakfast table? Heres a quick, simple and very delicious (vegan) recipe of a cashew-spread: Important information – this is not a raw cashew spread (the nuts were roasted, if you prefer it raw – invest some more time, as the temperature may never get too high) What you… Read More Cashew Spread

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Panna Cotta

Hey theeeere! Yesterday we had friends over for something called a crime-dinner. In order not to make it too much work for the hosts, in this case that was us, everybody contributes one course! For all of you interested, here  just a brief intro – for all of you who are only interested in the… Read More Panna Cotta

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Mini Smoothie Bowls

Good morning on this cold, winterly Sunday 🙂 Today we made some French Toast, and we thought a fresh smoothie bowl would be the perfect addition to go with. The larger bowls often are already enough, without any additional brekky items, so today we made some mini bowls in our Tokyo Design porcelain. Recipes are,… Read More Mini Smoothie Bowls