Cashew Spread

Ever wondered how to spice up your breakfast table? Heres a quick, simple and very delicious (vegan) recipe of a cashew-spread:

Important information – this is not a raw cashew spread (the nuts were roasted, if you prefer it raw – invest some more time, as the temperature may never get too high)

What you will need:

500 g Cashew seeds

20g oil of your choice

approximately 1 teaspoon salt

…. thats it already!

How to get the creamy spread:

The following steps highly depend on your kitchen appliances, in our case we used the Vorwerk Thermomix, you can also do it with any other blender, mixer or what you have at home. The more professional they get, the creamier usually the texture is gonna turn out 🙂


  1. Add you cashews on a baking tray – make sure they have enough space and do not pile up
  2. preheat you oven to approx. 180-200°C
  3. roast your nuts for approx. 15 min. or until you get the desired degree of roasting
  4. let them cool down for approx. 20-30 min. or until they reach room temperature again
  5. now the blender comes into play – the following steps are for the roasted spread, if you want to go for the raw product – do not roast, and do not mix or blend for too long
  6. add cashews to the mixer
  7. add the oil oil your choice
  8. add salt (and spices of your choice – cinnamon works great, vanilla as well)
  9. mix for approx. 30 sec. on high (not highest) speed
  10. scrape everything down to the bottom of the mixer again
  11. repeat steps 9 & 10 for as many time as you’d like… in our case we did it approx. 4 times (the spread than has a minimal crunch, while at the same time it already got veryyyyyy smoooooth!)
  12. fill into sterile glasses, put them away for later ooooor enjoy fresh 🙂

xoxo! Rosebays!


PS: Thx @squashinglifeandkaleingit for reminding us to write down the recipe :)) Hope you enjoy preparing it 🙂


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