Restaurant Recommendation | „Böser Chinese Düsseldorf“

Hey! Today we want to share our great experience  Böser Chinese Düsseldorf (Media Harbour) !

As much for starters, we loooooove it!

As stated above in the brackets, there is not only one restaurant called Böser Chinese in Düsseldorf, but we have two of them. Personally, we only visited the one @ media harbour, thus we can only talk about our experience over there.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is really, really modern, and industrial – absolutely love it. The last time we went there, we were seated inside, as it was winter. This time, we were seated in the outside area – which is at least as awesome as the inner area. Be it the weather, or rather the almost-beach like feeling in summer – we love it! 😊

Some general information:

  • 2 restaurants in Düsseldorf, one @ media harbour – one @ flingern
  • Chinese food – characteristic for this restaurant: homemade, traditional Chinese noodles – they look and taste amaaaaazing
  • all sauces home made, very very unique taste

What we ordered:

(1) As a starter, we shared a plate of vegetarian spring rolls with sauce – 😋 yum!

(2) As a main we ordered the homemade noodles (first entry on the page of the main courses), and the „HÜHNERBRUST „WO AI JIN JU“ LIEBLINGSESSEN DES GENOSSEN HU JIN TAO“  which is actually a dish with chicken, you can choose between rice and noodles here -> as we wanted to share the plates, we chose rice 🙂

(3) As drinks we had rose wine, and a biiiiig jar of apple juice with mint and lemon – perfect refresher for the summer days!

(4) As dessert we went for the homemade ice cream – the waiter (we met the time we went before) recommended it to us, and we would not be disappointed 🙂 We chose sesame and coconut with chocolate chunks …. do we have to say more ?


What makes it so special:

I think we actually are going to be kind of repetitive (sorry for that), but it is all of the above together. Great, fresh dishes, with a loot of vegetables, awesome noodles (never tried anything like these before), and the sauces. The website tells it already, they are all homemade and a big secret – unfortunately 😀 But hey, that makes us come back – so great job 🙂 !


  • ifffff we were to complain about anything …. it would be maaaaaybe the service yesterday. It was kind of crowded, but we actually waited very very long for our mains, and somehow the waitress was kind of busy. But, under normal circumstances we would not complain about that. It is just that the last time we went, it was the last day of a young waitress, she was incredible. It was late, dark, cold… We were outside too, and somehow she managed to keep everyone so incredibly happy, and yeah…. So maybe we were a little spoilt by her 😀



All in all:

We are sooo happy to have found this spot! Its location is great, we can walk home after some drinks and nice food…. The food is awesome, and prices are appropriate, given the great quality of food !!


Here some snaps from yesterday 🙂





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