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On our blog we talk about Food & Lifestyle aspects, everything we discover on a daily basis, and everything we just encountered. We want to encourage people trying new products, doing things they haven’t done so far, and learn more about what stands behind a product. We love companies and products that have a story to tell. Our blogposts are in English, not because that is the trend, and we want to go with the flow, but rather because of our very diverse readership. We have many people from Germany, but also a lot of people with international background. We want to include everyone in our life, empowering people to connect with each others, and to stand in lively interaction. [Of course, you can write to us either in English or German]

If you believe in what we stand for, and think we might be the perfect fit for you and your product, do not hesitate to fill out the form below. If there is sympathy on both sides, and relevance of your product, we sure will find a way to make people aware of the existence of you and your product 🙂