Coconut Bowls

Good morning everyone 🙂 Yesterday, finally our coconut bowls from @heartmadebeauty arrived! We’ve been waiting a while, as they made quite some journey. And it was worth waiting….. They are absolutely beautiful, and perfect because of their imperfections! You can see they are handmade, with a lot of love, and they are so different in… Read More Coconut Bowls


MelonBowl | Froogies

Good morning! Today we want ti share our MelonBowl 🍉 with you. We kind of enjoy having a smoothie bowling in the morning, and as we wanted to something differently today – we just thought about eating it out of a melon 🙂 For the smoothie itself we used @frooggies fruit powder and added coconut milk… Read More MelonBowl | Froogies


Matcha | Health Benefits

Good morning! Today we want to dedicate one blogpost to our beloved Matcha! Not only does it have a great color, and rich taste but also many supposed, and also a lot of proven benefits to your health:  One Matcha has much more antioxidants than a cup of brewed, regular green tea 🍵 (as much… Read More Matcha | Health Benefits